Onoto Special VIP Commissions

For Corporate and Private Clients

Let us create a unique pen as a business gift, a retirement memento for a long-serving colleague or in celebration of a special event or achievement.

What finer retirement or celebration gift than an exclusive one-off Onoto pen, decorated with your company logo, club badge and engraved name or initials?

Onoto's team of goldsmith pen-makers has years of experience in making special commissions for corporate and VIP presentations. If you would like to commission the manufacture of an exclusive, prestige pen designed to your specifications or require an unusual and distinctive piece for a special presentation, corporate gift or retirement memento, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

We can also engrave any of our limited edition pens with a name or initials for a nominal extra charge.

For more information about VIP Commissions, please call +44(0)1603 811165 or email info@onoto.com