Onoto Commission Pen for the Arab League Summit 2024

To celebrate the Arab League Summit 2024, hosted by The Kingdom of Bahrain, Onoto was commissioned to create a bespoke pen to be presented as national gifts to the attending dignitaries.

The design concept was centred on Al-Sakhir Palace, one of the most important royal palaces in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Al-Sakhir Palace reflects a homeland. It embodies its rich and deep history, the humanity of its present, and looks toward its future marked by generosity and tolerance.

The palace was built during the era of the honourable Al Khalifa family two centuries ago. It was expanded in 1900 by His Greatness Shaikh Hamad bin Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain and its dependencies.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the palace witnessed a historical milestone when His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa patronised the ceremony to celebrate its renovation in 2003. The royal architectural style characterised the renovation and expansion process.

This historic masterpiece, rich with luxury, engineering arts, and heritage, is truly a palace worthy of a nation that stands tall in history.

The design took inspiration from Al Sakhir Palace’s architectural features that symbolise Bahraini and Arab culture.

The cap is adorned with an ornate dome with a ‘diamond’ underneath.

The sterling silver cap overlay is delicately engraved with the geometric pattern displayed on the decorative columns situated beside the grand entrance to the palace.

The national flag of Bahrain inspired the colour of the pen as well as the zig zag pattern engraved along the barrel. The pearl effect to the colour pays homage to Bahrain’s pearl industry.

The red and white theme from the national flag also carried through to the presentation box.

A Bahrain Scholar Pen was also created.

A total of three prototype pens were presented to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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