With so many people changing careers and retraining, graduation is no longer just the beginning of adulthood and independence. Neither is it only about economic success but a search for fulfilment. It signifies growth, tolerance and new horizons wide open for opportunities in the changing landscape of today’s workforce.


Graduation is a big deal! It comes with many a sacrifice, especially this year. But all of you who rediscovered learning as an enjoyable pastime during lockdown, our hats off to you as well. Learning expands our range of human experiences through literature, history, the arts and sciences, making us more accepting of others’ perspectives.


During our lifetime, the meaning of education has shifted closer to that of the ancient Greeks. “For them,” wrote A.C. Grayling, “the whole of life was an ethical matter: one lives and does well as a whole person. For this reason, life has to be considered and it can only be considered if it is informed.” And that’s why at Onoto, we place value on retelling iconic stories, self-reflection and heritage.


We celebrate graduation as a rite of passage towards a higher commitment of both personal and professional growth. Age doesn’t matter, neither does the diploma. What matters is the mastery of your higher purpose.


Browse our gift suggestions for the ‘graduates’ in your life, or for yourself. And let the chosen Onoto fountain pen be an eternal reminder of cultivating not only expertise but character.

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