Modern Onoto Pens

All modern Onoto pens are covered with a lifetime guarantee. If there’s ever a problem with your pen, just return it to us and we’ll repair it for you free of charge.

See Guarantee Card and Terms and Conditions for full details.

Vintage Onoto Pens

There are thousands, maybe millions, of vintage Onoto pens still in existence, and many are still used on a daily basis. But what happens when a 1909 Onoto pen needs servicing? Or your precious 1937 Onoto Magna has a broken rod? Or needs a new seal?

Well the answer is here.

  • Click here for the Onoto Repair book explains all and is the most comprehensive repair book ever written on Onoto pens.
  • Click here for repair kits, tools and spare parts
  • Click here for the addresses of independent Onoto repairers

Repair kits, tools and spare parts

You can order spare parts for vintage Onoto pens from Custom Pen Parts web site.

Independent Onoto repairers

We list below independent specialist Onoto repairers that we know have previously carried out work to a high standard in the UK

Mark Catley

69 Cliff Road
East Yorkshire
HU18 1HU

Eric Wilson

18/1 Ardmillan Terrace
EH11 2JW
United Kingdom

Peter Twydle

The Highlo Pen Museum
Greenacre Park
HU18 1UW
United Kingdom

Jim & Jane Marshall

62 Dovepoint Road
The Wirral
CH47 6BB
United Kingdom

Derrick Purser – Classic Pen Engineering

Mains of Auchenfranco
United Kingdom

Dr Laurence Oldfield

Peter Crook – Carneil Pens

6 Carneil Rd
KY12 9JH
United Kingdom