The Horatio Nelson and The Emma Hamilton Pair – Vermeil

Two pens that were made for each other.


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If you would like to honour Nelson’s wish by purchasing the Nelson and Emma pens as a pair, you will make a worthwhile saving.

Limited Edition:

The Horatio Nelson vermeil pen is available in a limited edition of 47.
The Emma Hamilton vermeil pen is available in a limited edition of 49.


Nelson: 23ct gold-plated sterling silver
Emma: 23ct gold-plated sterling silver and powder blue enamelling


Nelson: Onoto size 7
Emma: Onoto size 3 18ct gold

Cap fittings:

Button: 23ct gold-plated sterling silver
Clip: 23ct gold-plated with Onoto cipher and chevron markings

Barrel fittings:

23ct gold-plated sterling silver

Nelson dimensions:

Length: 139.5mm

Barrel diameter: 11 – 13.5mm

Cap diameter: 12.6 – 15.5mm

Cap length: 69mm

Emma dimensions

Length: 130mm (for Edition No. 1-80)

139mm (for Edition No. 81-100)

Barrel diameter: 9 – 10.5mm

Cap diameter: 11 – 12.5mm

Cap length: 69mm


Nelson: 90gms
Emma: 68gms

Nib options:

18ct carat gold
Fine, medium or broad nib as standard
Customised stub, italic or other styles available to order

Ink feed:

Nelson: Converter (provided) or standard European cartridge
Emma: Edition No. 1-80: Standard European cartridge
Edition No. 81-100: Converter (provided) or standard European cartridge

Rollerball conversion:

Nelson: Conversion kit available to order separately
Emma: Edition No. 1-80: Not available.
Edition No. 81-100: Conversion kit available to order separately

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