The Hurricane Pen

A limited edition of 250 fountain pens crafted using Duralumin (a form of aluminium) retrieved from the Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane P2725 TM-B to form the pen’s propeller spinner.

Read more about the discovery of the Hawker Hurricane P2725 TM-B with our Eternal Story.


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Onoto and TMB Art Metal are delighted to present the Hurricane Pen, a collaborative piece paying tribute to a legendary WWII aircraft that helped to save Britain from Nazi invasion in 1940.

Whilst the more famous Spitfire is generally seen as the fighter that won the Battle of Britain, this is far from the truth. The more advanced Spitfire was faster and a better dogfighter, tasked with taking on the German escort fighters, leaving the Hurricanes to combat the slower and less manoeuvrable bombers. During the Battle of Britain from July to October 1940, however, the Hurricane vastly outnumbered the Spitfire in operational service, and without its contribution the Battle of Britain would not have been won.

In a limited edition of 250, the pen’s propeller spinner is crafted of aluminium from Hawker Hurricane P2725 TM-B, the remnants of which was recovered from beneath Buckingham Palace Road, central London, in May 2004 – sixty-four years after it had crashed there. This particular aircraft, piloted by Sergeant Ray T. Holmes, made history when it rammed a German Dornier bomber over London on Battle of Britain Day, 15th September 1940.

Read more about the discovery of the Hawker Hurricane P2725 TM-B with our Eternal Story.


High-density acrylic


Onoto Size 7 Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Cap fittings:

Propeller spinner is crafted of aluminium from Hawker Hurricane P2725 TM-B

Clip – Bronze propeller


Capped (closed): 156mm

Uncapped including nib: 136mm

Posted including nib: 170mm

Barrel diameter: 15mm

Cap diameter: 15mm

Cap length: 70mm



Nib Options:

Upgrade to 18ct Gold available.

Fine, medium or broad nib as standard
Customised stub, italic or other styles available to order

Ink Feed:

Converter (provided) or standard European cartridge

Rollerball conversion:

Conversion kit available to order separately

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