“I am pleased to let you know that my Cambridge 800 Onoto pen has been delivered this morning safely and in perfect order. Given the problems we have with postal security in South Africa, I must congratulate your company on brilliant secure packaging and delivery. When I realised that I could have bought one in person at the Onoto table while I was registering at the Cambridge Alumni Weekend in September, I regretted very much having ordered it the previous day on the internet and wondered if I would ever see it here!– but all is well, and the pen, as well as its box, is extremely handsome. I am not a ‘collector’ – I love a fountain pen to write with but for practical office reasons haven’t bought one for more than 20 years – so this is a self-indulgent collector’s item by default, but in reality a great new pen to have and use, and to commemorate Cambridge 800! I really am delighted, and thought your company should know this. I also do like the small insert leaflets – a terrific package altogether.”

CW – South Africa