A Christmas Carol Pen

How are you feeling? Because we could certainly use some old school Christmas spirit right about now. Sitting solemnly in our homes during this second lockdown with a tough year behind us and probably more challenges ahead. We all deserve a couple of weeks thinking of something other than, dare we say, the C-word. 


Which brings us to a surprisingly poignant quote from Dickens in “A Christmas Carol”: “While there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour.”


It’s almost as if he had predicted the message of 2020. Or have we been catapulted back to the Victorian age? Either way, it’s a good reminder that a little laughter, kindness and compassion can spread even faster than germs.

Enter the Christmas Carol Pen. An exclusive fountain pen, in a limited edition of 20 pieces that we felt compelled to make to say goodbye to 2020. We used the design of the renown Onoto Magna Burgundy Pearl and entwined it with hand-gilded holly vines and gleaming snowflakes. Just working on it, brought us tremendous joy. All in the hope that it helps you evoke the magic of Christmases past. 

Because we know that you might not be able to throw your arms around all your loved ones right now. And our heart goes out to you if you had personal losses beyond this light-hearted message. 


We only hope that you’ll be kinder to yourself. Because, going back to Dicken’s timeless novel, the person Scrooge was most isolated from was himself. So, when the time comes this Christmas, celebrate the traditional way. Use what you have to decorate the tree, make an effort to dress up and give someone an uplifting gift. 


But most importantly, make time to be present, even if only remotely, and help others to be wreathed in smiles. Just like the beaming berries on the holly vines that surround our Christmas Carol Pen.


Made with love, by Onoto.

The Christmas Carol Pen 2020