Each Onoto pen is hand-made by a small team of goldsmith jewellers and pen-masters in England who have been refining age-old pen-making techniques to create exclusive works of art. Our workshop is an oasis of traditional craft skills in an increasingly mass-manufactured world. Here you will find old fashioned vitreous enamelling over guilloche engraved patterns on gold or silver, beautifully engraved designs and hand-crafted pieces in the style of Carl Faberge. Preserving this illusive world and the skills of craftsmen and women moulding its tradition has never been so important.

We celebrate their individuality because we realise that it’s this artful combination of pen and master that makes Onoto fountain pens sinuous and their work scintillating. Today, pen-lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs everywhere can share in their passions and enjoy the timeless elegance that defines an Onoto. Each pen is made in small limited editions and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity so that you can be assured of its provenance and exclusivity.