To commemorate 70 years of extraordinary service and devotion to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, we celebrate this historic anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne with the Platinum Jubilee Overlay pen.

The Platinum Jubilee Overlay pen has a fluted acrylic barrel and is complemented with a gold-plated clip and cap band with the Jubilee Hallmark. The silver cap button is also engraved with the official Royal Platinum Jubilee logo.

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, our cap overlay design took inspiration from many aspects of her reign. Royal tradition, legacy, and the Queen herself as a person.

To honour the long-lasting reign, we took inspiration from a long-lasting symbol – the Imperial State Crown. This crown has existed since the 15th century, and its current 1937 form is the one Queen Elizabeth II has worn throughout her reign. The jewel designs set within each diamond on our pen are inspired by the jewels and shapes of this ancient symbol of royalty.

Whilst paying homage to the royalty the Queen represents – we also represent the woman herself.  Within the jewel designs, there are shapes taken from the image of the crown as seen on Queen Elizabeth’s personal flag. In the same way that this personal flag garlands a crown in roses and leaves – we plant a rose and leaves between every diamond, to ensure the personal touch of the Queen is present. The solid, vertical lines, and the precise geometry of the design represent the Queen’s steadfastness and dependability.

In this way, between roses, jewels, and diamonds – we hope to convey this most celebrated of monarchs, in this most celebrated of reigns.

The pen comes with a No. 7 18ct Gold nib and Plunger-Filler as standard and is available in a limited edition of 70.