Choosing a pen which best fits your hand is like trying on a new pair of shoes – it needs to fit perfectly while in your unique hand for hours of comfortable writing, whether for work or pleasure.

Here at Onoto there is a size and style that will suit everyone. From our famous Magna Classic to the more recent Excel and Scholar Collections.

The Scholar

Capped (closed): 135mm
Barrel diameter: 12.5mm
Weight: 25gms
Standard Nib: No. 7 Gold-Plated Steel
Starting from £195

Our recently launched entry level pen is shorter in length with a thinner, weighted barrel, in comparison to the Classic Magna pen. Available in 5 colours (Black, Blue, Rosso, Mandarin and Highland). The fittings are a choice between Gold-Plated or Palladium-Plated and the pen is presented in a Leather Pen Roll, perfect for travel or school. The Scholar Pen comes with a No. 7 Size Steel nib, the same as a Magna, and the Onoto Lifetime Guarantee.

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The Excel

Capped (closed): 130mm
Barrel diameter: 10.5mm
Weight: 20gms
Standard Nib: No. 3 18ct Gold
Starting from £499

Stylish and compact. The Excel is the shortest and thinnest pen in our collection. Available in Black, Blue and Jane Austen models as well as Sterling Silver and Vermeil. The fittings are sterling silver and the pen is presented in a choice of Leather Pen Roll or Lacquered Presentation Box. The Excel Pen comes with the smaller No. 3 18ct nib as standard, and the Onoto Lifetime Guarantee.

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The Magna

Capped (closed): 137-144mm
Barrel diameter: 13.2mm
Weight: 25gms (or 32gms with extra weight)
Nib: No. 7 Gold-Plated Steel (upgrade to 18ct Gold available)
Starting from £399

Based on the style and shape of one of the most famous fountain pens ever made – the Onoto Magna of 1937 which is still acclaimed by many as the best fountain pen ever made. The Magna Classic collection offers a wide range of choices in colour and design, presented in a choice of Leather Pen Roll or Lacquered Presentation Box. All fittings are sterling silver and come with a No. 7 Steel nib as standard (with option to upgrade to No. 7 18ct Gold, as well as many other upgrade possibilities!) and of course, the Onoto Lifetime Guarantee. With Magna pens, you could also upgrade to a 18ct No.8 nib which has a much bigger size.

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With so much to choose from, if you would like further advice on choosing your perfect Onoto, our team are more than happy to help. Please email [email protected].