Reviews and Testimonials

“I am pleased to let you know that my Cambridge 800 Onoto pen has been delivered this morning safely and in perfect order. Given the problems we have with postal security in South Africa, I must congratulate your company on brilliant secure packaging and delivery. When I realised that I could have bought one in person at the Onoto table while I was registering at the Cambridge Alumni Weekend in September, I regretted very much having ordered it the previous day on the internet and wondered if I would ever see it here!– but all is well, and the pen, as well as its box, is extremely handsome. I am not a ‘collector’ – I love a fountain pen to write with but for practical office reasons haven’t bought one for more than 20 years – so this is a self-indulgent collector’s item by default, but in reality a great new pen to have and use, and to commemorate Cambridge 800! I really am delighted, and thought your company should know this. I also do like the small insert leaflets – a terrific package altogether.”

CW – South Africa

The Cambridge 800 pen “is viewed sentimentally by our whole family as a very special present for him – and a potential family heirloom. So I would like to add my personal thanks to you, the whole exercise has left us with a very positive impression of Onoto as living up to its reputation as a fine pen company, not just a supplier of fine pens. A perfect example of first-class customer relations, particularly given the distance involved!”

RA – Australia

“I have received my Magna 261 today. I an extremely pleased with the look and feel of the fountain pen. It is beautifully presented in its packaging. I am extremely glad to own my first ONOTO and with luck it will not be my last.”


“This ONOTO is up there with the best and I will come to appreciate it more the more I use it. It has the edge over the CS Kipling as it is longer and wider and therefore has a better feel. I feel comfortable with it already.”


“Thank You for being so professional. Prompt delivery in a beautiful package. “Awesome” and “terrific pen” were the few words I said when I saw my pen this morning.”

ML – Canada

“It’s a marvel. I didn’t realize the care that you people put into the manufacture of the thing. I’m tempted to leave this pen in its box (opened) on my desk and use it strictly as a signature pen. It’s just too attractive looking for everyday use. And, by the way, the nib is perfect!”


“The Centenary is extraordinary! I love it! It is everything I expected and more.”


“I have received the Onoto pen I ordered. This is a beautiful one, and I already started using it. I wish I will have a nice life with this pen.”

S – Japan

“I just wanted to let you know that the Magna Writer landed this morning and I have already put it to use. Very nice all around, to be sure. Great, classic design and it writes perfectly out of the box… which is not the case with far too many of the high-end pens I’ve bought in recent years. Now… if you could bring the Writer out in other colours… say a brown cross-hatch for starters, you’d make a big stir… and then maybe add a lever or a pump filler. In any case, thanks for the nice-writing pen. I think it will become part of my regular rotation.”

RW – Maine USA

“Love the pen! The broad nib is somewhat stub like and I’ve been using it with Pilot Tsuki-Yo ink, a blue-black ink that translates to Moonlit Night. People at work like it too and are impressed with the smoothness of its writing. Will be looking forward to more plastic pens from Onoto!”


“It was nice to meet you at the Alumni Weekend last month! I am up and writing, so to speak, and I really like my new pen very much. Thanks for your help!”

JB – Washington DC

“I have been very impressed with Onoto’s customer service. The broad nib writes like a dream. I have never used such a smooth nib before. I now look forward to using my pen daily.”

SG – Japan

“I received the pen two weeks ago and have been using it every day. I just landed a job in Singapore and I bought it as a bit of a personal present. I’m absolutely delighted. A wonderful object as well as a practical tool. The nib is extraordinarily good from the box and just gets better. You might like to know that the Cambridge 800 pen I bought for my partner succeeded in escaping (fortunately with my partner!) from the chaos in Tripoli a couple of months ago. It is now being used daily in Beijing. Your service was immaculate and delivery fast.”

MS – Singapore

“On April 3, after trying out my new Aurora Optima Demonstrator fountain pen for a week’s worth of writing, I emptied the ink out of that pen, cleaned it up, got out my new unused Onoto 261, and filled it from the bottle of Onoto Golden Brown ink I got with it. After writing with the 261 for four days in succession, I can report the following:
Without fail, every time I take the cap off the pen and put the nib to paper, the ink flows on to it immediately and consistently, not too much nor too little, and without any skipping, no matter whether I’m writing slowly or quickly or whether I’m writing large or small. In other words, the pen works exactly the way I was hoping it would. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the Aurora, but that’s my problem.”


“The pen (Sterling Silver Cambridge Alumni) arrived today. It looks terrific and writes wonderfully. Many thanks!”


“Some years ago, I have bought an “Onoto Magna 261”. I found that this is the best fountain pen I have ever used.”

SA – Japan

“Efficient service with excellent package. The Onoto Magna Classic Sterling Silver arrived on time. Your personal interest in my pen requirements made the product even more meaningful. My Onoto is a writing instrument of perfection- craftsmanship of the highest order, with complete attention to functionality and aesthetics.”


“I met the postman on the door this morning with an ‘early’ special delivery…. It was my Magna 261. The packaging, what can I say …..first class, a very worthy impression was conveyed. Now to the content… On inspection of the pen my initial impressions were carried over…. the pen is a flawless piece of understated luxury and is, how can I put it, well screwed together. I am going to enjoy owning and using my little piece of history. I do keep my pens in leather cases but I may be back for an Onoto case as it does not seem right to house it in anything less! The pen felt balanced and handled well, unposted in my case. The nib was delightfully smooth and gave a pleasant but audible feedback as it moved across the page….. The unit responds best under a light touch…… So far score 10/10.”


“I received the Cambridge 800 Years Anniversary pen today, with the engraving. This pen was a perfect choice! I look forward to using it. Thank you again for all your efforts on my behalf.”


“At some point within the next months I will try to buy the silver or gold plate of the 800 anniversary of Cam. after I clear some of the bills. I love ONOTO Pens.”


“My Cambridge Onoto arrived on Monday, Jan 31 so it made very good time just 10 days from leaving it’s Onoto Home and right before we were engulfed in ice. I have been using it and enjoy it very much but so far no spectacular theorems however some good solid stuff. I look forward to a long association.”


“The Sterling Silver Onoto Overlay Number 1 arrived on Christmas Eve. Henry’s design is wonderful the craftsmanship is outstanding. I am so very pleased it has made my Christmas. Can I ask you pass on my gratitude to all involved in the manufacture of such marvellous pen.”