Onoto are proud and excited to announce their forthcoming Spitfire pen, a collaborative project in conjunction with provenance brand, TMB Art Metal of London, to celebrate both the centenary of the Royal Air Force and its most iconic aircraft, the Supermarine Spitfire.

A limited edition of 100 fountain pens, followed by 100 roller ball, are being crafted using Duralumin (a form of aluminium) originating from 1940 Battle of Britain Spitfire “P7350”. In celebration of the Spitfire’s sleek curves, the pen’s basic design features a gentle radius throughout, the cap being crowned by a propeller spinner, with the clip, made of bronze, in the form of a propeller blade. The overall effect comprises a triumphant amalgamation of form, function and history.

The new exclusive Spitfire pen

Every pen will be engraved “Made of P7350”, in tribute to the metal of which it is formed, and limited edition numbered. The pens will be issued in a very high-quality case, this fitted with a plate cut from ex-P7350 Duralumin skinning, engraved with the pen’s details.

We believe these pens are a very suitable tribute to one of the finest and most iconic machines ever created, the Supermarine Spitfire. It might also be mentioned that the polished Duralumin is very tactile to the touch, with a comforting warm feel.

Spitfire P7350 is owned and operated by the Royal Air Force’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) based at RAF Coningsby. P7350 first flew in August 1940 during the height of the Battle of Britain, being the 14th aircraft of nearly 12,000 built at Supermarine’s Castle Bromwich factory. An early Mark IIa Spitfire, “P7” served through the rest of the Battle and thereafter, surviving World War Two complete with battle scars and bullet holes, making it today the oldest most original and historically significant airworthy Spitfire in existence.

As with all old machines, to maintain them in tip top operational condition and preserve them for the years to come it’s necessary to perform a degree of mechanical replacement, and in 2008 P7 underwent a refurbishment programme, during which a quantity of original Duralumin components were removed, namely her wing main spar plus various pieces of outer skinning and structure. TMB acquired this material directly from the BBMF and it is of this original, genuine 1940 ex-P7350 provenance metal that our collaborative Onoto – TMB Spitfire P7350 pens are crafted.

More information on P7 can be found on the BBMF’s website www.raf.mod.uk/bbmf/theaircraft/spitfirep7350.cfm

These historic pens will be priced at £1,995 including VAT. However, prior to official release and publicity we will be taking pre-orders at a reduced price of £1,795 inc VAT, reserving limited edition numbers on a first come first served basis. This email is to request ‘expressions of interest’ in pens and limited-edition numbers, and we would be in touch again later in the production cycle to firm up orders. The pens are expected to become available around October this year.

We should also mention that we are very pleased to be involving the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund in this important project, with 10% of ex-VAT monies on all sales going to this worthy and highly appropriate charity.

Get in touch to find out more either online or by emailing [email protected]