THE 13 Custodian Commandments

  1. Condition the nib by dipping it briefly in warm water before you first fill it with ink.
  2. Every three months flush your pen and converter with cold water.
  3. Always replace the cap on the nib after use to avoid drying out and clogging.
  4. Remove the cartridge or converter if you do not expect to use the pen for some time.
  5. When travelling by air either keep the pen upright and fully filled or emptied and flushed clean.
  6. Do not drop, hit, expose your pen to hard impact – it will get damaged.
  7. Do not press too hard when you write, this could result in nib damage and ink flow problems.
  8. Do not let others use your fountain pen as over time the nib will adapt to your individual writing style.
  9. Clean either by using the polishing cloth provided for precious metals or a soft cloth for acrylic pens.
  10. Do not use any cleaning products that are abrasive or have a solvent base.
  11. Never post the cap onto the barrel as it could damage the pen and ruins the balance of your writing style.
  12. Keep your pen away from extremes of temperature (hot or cold).
  13. Always use an Onoto leather pen case to transport your pen and show that you care.


How to fill a converter

Most of the Onoto pens are designed to accommodate either a converter or a standard European cartridge. To fill your converter, unscrew to remove the barrel, then gently pull the empty converter away from the nib unit. Rotate the back plunger until it is fully extended into the tube of the converter, then dip the end of the converter into our chosen ink supply and re-screw the plunger until the reservoir is full. Wipe the end of the converter with a soft cloth to remove any ink and press the end of the converter back into the nib unit. Replace the barrel.