A writer without coffee is much like a pen without ink. They will wither and dry without it, but much as a smooth fountain pen ink enables a pen to flow sensually across paper, coffee invigorates the mind and soul of the creative, putting them in that state of creativity and flow.

Of course, we exaggerate – not every creative person in the world requires the service of that specific bean, but the link and love between coffee and creativity has long been known and nurtured. Coffee shops have, since their inception, been the favourite haunts of writers, musicians and artists – those whose minds muse, wander, and wonder. And we say – it should well be so. Consider that writing is a labour of love – so is the cultivation of the precious bean, Coffea Arabica, which must be tended and nurtured with genuine care. Much as a writer’s hand will pen selected words with care at the right point in a paragraph, the hands of the coffee growers will pluck the choicest berries only when their time is right, and be rewarded with the precious beans inside.

It is for this passion of coffee and creativity that we are delighted to introduce the Magna Arabica pen. The Arabica pen connects the centuries-old coffee lifestyle with the ancient tradition of writing – presented with our modern skill and craftsmanship. The uniquely designed resin captures the fleeting, flowering moment of inspiration – of beautiful, billowing creamy clouds when milk is poured into the darkest coffee. The solid sterling silver band is like a silver spoon bearing sugar to these rich depths, with its fine, abstract engraving of cubes.

We hope the Magna Arabica pen will invigorate your writing style.